Incense Cedar Essential Oil

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Brand: Canopy
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size: 0.88 W × 2.13 H × 0.88 L

Incense Cedar (Libocedrus decurrens) is a conifer native from the Cascade Range of Oregon to the Cascade Range of California. Our Canopy Incense Cedar Essential Oil is distilled from carefully harvested needles from tree growing in a family-owned forest in NW Oregon. Both the wood and foliage are highly fragrant. The oil has citrusy, piney and woodsy notes, and the aroma improves with age.

See tips for the Storage and Safe Use of Essential Oils.

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Incense Cedar Oil
Written by clarence on 5th Mar 2019

Reminds me of tossing few incense cedar logs on camp fire. Concentrated, persistent. Fast ship, recommend.

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