We supply high quality evergreen boughs trimmed from native Oregon trees for holiday decorations, center pieces, floral arrangements, etc. Members of the Oregon Woodland Co-op cut boughs to order from trees in their own forests. Because we harvest to order, our boughs are fresh, aromatic and green. We don’t cut and refrigerate large quanities in advance like some suppliers do. We currently supply the following species: Port Orford Cedar, Incense Cedar, Western Redcedar, Noble Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Western White Pine. When available, we may also have Incense Cedar with gold buds on the branchlet tips.

To order evergreen boughs, first please Contact Us and indicate what you would like and your zip code. That way we can provide a more accurate shipping quote. Please order boughs separately from other Heartwood products since they are harvested fresh & shipped to order. 

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